DIDEAS – Spain

Dideas Desarrollo Corporativo, is a firm of professionals with extensive experience in the development of people in companies, we look for the specialization to offer an integral innovative and creative solution without losing quality and giving personalized and exclusive treatment to each client. We are aware that technological and communications development has led to a more palpable standardization in work processes, especially in the area of services. For this reason, from Dideas we are committed to work methods turned into the customer and built to fit their needs, that way we can adapt all our know-how to the needs of the customers in a close and personalized way. Also, we have expertise in the field of social entrepreneurship.

In the field of fishery and agriculture, we have trained workers in that areas on skills, abilities (teamwork, communication, creativity, etc.) and entrepreneurship, with the aim of generating a new dynamic of social entrepreneurship in this sector that need to fit new requirements in the market.

Our team is trained and qualified in human resources, coaching and specialized in skills development and NLP, and are experts in Gender equality, social entrepreneurship and skills and abilities. We have more than 15 years of experience in the human resources area of several companies and as trainers of skills, work teams and people development, with a practical and innovative methodology.

Website: http://www.dideas.es/

The coordinator of the project is David Bayona Cuallado. He speaks English, Portuguese and French and has also participated in KA2 Erasmus+ Project “Creative InternPrize” and “EnSoEd”, developing students and training book of a training in abilities and entrepreneurship for young people studying VET.

He’s specialized in training, with more than 2000 hours of training of expertise in this field, giving training in enterpreunship in different sectors like tourism and employability, working also for NGO like Amics or Arje.

Licensed in Law and  Direction and Administration of Companies by University of Valencia is the perfect person to show the main problems of young people to find job and how to try to solve it. He also have studied about gamification and social media. He work as teacher in University of Valencia.