AKSAM – Turkey

Akdeniz Su Urunleri Arastirma Uretme ve Egitim Enstitusu Mudurlugu (AKSAM) (Mediterranean Fisheries Research Production and Training Institute-MEDFRI) is a public research institute which carries out its activities under the auspices of General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Its vision is to produce and disseminate knowledge and technology with a responsible and sustainable management of surface waters and fisheries resources and development of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture models beside to training activities. AKSAM functions in two sub-units located in Turkish Riviera, Antalya. The sub-unit in Antalya city centrum, Kepez, performs freshwater researches while the other unit, Beymelek, is focused on marine aquaculture researches and activities. AKSAM have a deep experience and sound infrastructure on both freshwater and marine fisheries and aquaculture.

Website: https://arastirma.tarimorman.gov.tr/akdenizsuurunleri

Serkan Erkan (MSc.) is the director and the legal representative of AKSAM beside to a researcher especially related in aquatic macrophytes. He has experience more than 20 years in plant culture as an agriculture engineer. He produced more than 10 national and international papers and 10 national and international projects.

e-mail: serkan.erkan@tarimorman.gov.tr

Mehmet Ali Turan Koçer (PhD.) is a researcher in AKSAM beside to head of the department of “Ecology and Resource Management”. He has experience more than 20 years in environmental monitoring and management. He produced more than 40 national and international papers and 30 national and international projects related with environmental and resource management.

e-mail: mehmetalituran.kocer@tarimorman.gov.tr

F. Banu YALIM (PhD.) is a researcher and technical coordinator in AKSAM.   She has experience on aquatic invertebrates and their ecology, especially zooplankton for 20 years. She has national and international publications and research projects on these topics

e-mail: fatmabanu.yalim@tarimorman.gov.tr

Murat Yeşiltaş (MSc.) is a fisheries engineer more than 8 years of experience in different areas of aquatic research such as fish processing technology, phytoplankton ecology and culture and aquaponics. He is continuing to postgraduate education related with integration of microalgae culture to aquaponics in AKSAM.

e-mail: murat.yesiltas@tarimorman.gov.tr