Gastro Fishery Network in EU (Output 3)

The aim of this output (O3) to develop training modules that will be formed by analyzing the situation and the guidelines which is related to the existing rural fisheries sector in each partner regions. While this era is calling the digital, the online networking and technological development are the vital for the building base of the Fishery 4.0, gastro-kitchen and seafood sector. The IT technology will provide a reliable and rich resources to get in contact with all representatives, unions, NGO’s, institutes, organizations and public authorities.

This digital network will be the innovative network platform and consists of the all representatives of the Fishery and seafood sector. This network will impact not only big industry but also small scale fishery producers as well gastro- kitchen sector. The needs of the new advanced tool, human resources and seafood materials will be delivered from one point to another point. Firstly the network will start with the project partner organizations and binded organization will be invited by the participants during the project activities.

By the networking of the seafood sector, the main supplements for the Fishery 4.0 can be easily found by digital tools such as “GastroFish Digit platform” which consists blogs, forums, advertisements and link bridges to the fishery associations, government officers and policy makers. This digital platforms will be produced by the special experts who are already in the portfolio of the partner organizations. This output will be one of the most important GastroFish Project activity to establish digital network and platform for Fishery 4.0 and gastro-kitchen sector.