Seafood & Fish Gastronomy Survey

This questionnaire has been prepared under the Erasmus+ project of “Increasing the Empowerment of Youth by Improving the Digital E-Learning in Gastro-Fish” numbered as 2019-3-TR01-KA205-080005 which has been funded by Turkish National Agency with the partnership of Yalova University, AKSAM and SUYMERBIR in Turkey, CEIPES in Italy, DIDEAS in Spain, INNOPOLIS in Greece. This survey prepared to have information about youth interest in fishing. The study has no administrative or political aspects.

GASTROFISH Project will promote entrepreneurship education, social entrepreneurship and not-for-profit activities among young people. GastroFish will also support transnational youth initiatives that allow groups of young people to put ideas into practice, including through social enterprises, tackling challenges and identify problems of youth in the field of fishery and gastronomy. The GastroFish project will promote youth entrepreneurship education, youth social entrepreneurship by digital e-learning and e-trading information technologies and not-for-profit activities among young people.

Please do not write anything on the questionnaire stating your name, surname or identity. Thank you in advance for your valuable help and contributions with your answers.