InnoPolis’ vision is to promote a holistic sustainable approach of innovation – both technological and social, in harmony with cultural values for the benefit of EU integration and Regional competitiveness.

Innovation may be defined as: the art and science of transforming something – be it an idea, a method or an object – that already exists into something new of value and is characterized by the use of new knowledge in order that such a new product or service or method be offered to people around the world (economy, market and society).

InnoPolis mission is characterized by the continuous pursuit of actions related to inter-regional innovation taking into account the cultural dimension.

Innovation and Culture activities are structured around a number of main strands according to their focus and level of intervention: local, national, transnational, regional, interregional, supranational, and worldwide.

Mrs. Katerina Sotiropoulou, president of INNOPOLIS, has graduated from the University of Patras / Physical Sciences. She has worked for the European Commission as external expert in projects development, inter-regional networks and evaluation of Community Initiatives for more than 10 years.

She has worked to exchange and develop methods to attract more people to entrepreneurship, especially from underrepresented groups (i.e. disabled people, women, minorities). She has been actively involved regional stakeholders like networks of SMEs, chambers of commerce, universities, knowledge institutes and NGOs in the development of project results.

She has developed teaching methods for technological schools in Greece and has been part of the implementation of mobility projects in the last years.


Mr. George Soulos is a Project Manager of more than 150 EU already implemented EU projects. He started as a Technical consultant on 1992 in a UETP (University Enterprise Training Partnership STRAND A EU Programme COMETT) while working for numerous Organisations, mainly NGOs, as well as privately owned companies.

He successfully engaged the participation for a wide number of final stakeholders and beneficiaries, regional entities and networks of SMEs, chambers of commerce, universities, knowledge institutes and NGOs maximizing the impact of implemented projects’ results.


Mrs Theodora Tsokou is an experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in a non-profit organization.She has followed closely the development of all INNOPOLIS’ Projects especially in the framework of Innovation, Climate change, Transport, Clustering Activities, and Tourism sector development. She is skilled in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking, Microsoft Office, and Social Media. She holds a Master of Science – MS focused in Environmental Science from University of Patras, Greece and a bachelor in Geology from university of Patras, Greece.


Murat Yeşiltaş (MSc.) is a fisheries engineer more than 8 years of experience in different areas of aquatic research such as fish processing technology, phytoplankton ecology and culture and aquaponics. He is continuing to postgraduate education related with integration of microalgae culture to aquaponics in AKSAM.