The aim of this output is to build a reliable source as a guideline about seafood sector and employment opportunities of youth population in the project regions by Fishery 4.0 The expected impact and transferability potential of this output will be is an innovative approach because it aims to develop the local, national and international eco-friendly fishery industry together with the eco-friendly application method while improving the employment opportunities in the sector. This output will bring integrated and innovative solutions to the collaboration of young people who deal with the fishery and seafood sector as well as experts, policymakers, NGOs, governors, officers, and researchers. This output will innovate because it will open the gate to find the non-revealed characteristics and the best practices across different countries, marketing strategies and implement the share-knowledge of the seafood products in the different project regions. The young target groups will take places for e-trading and e-marketing strategies of creative and innovative fishery products by Fishery 4.0 approaches. The students of Basic Fishery Sciences, Department of Food Engineering and VET will join the multiple activities and events to increase the innovative thinking about the fishery sector. The marketing tactics and strategies of the fishery products also will be developed by Fishery 4.0. The outputs will also contribute and develop the objectives of the Fishery 4.0 and networking opportunities in the EU. Moreover, people with fewer opportunities and the young unemployed people will have the chance to meet the chance in the Fishery 4.0, gastro kitchen and the seafood sector by the results of this output and multiply events under this title. 

Output Methodology:


Literature Review

– Fishing Sector

– Aquaculture Sector

– Processing Sector

– Aquaculture Consumption

– Seafood Marketing (Gastronomy)

– E-Commerce Potential

– Employment Status

– Youth in the Sector

– Effects of Covid-19 on the Industry


 Interview with Aquaculture Producers and  Restaurants

– Name of the destination:

– Date and time:

– Brief Professional History of the restaurant or facility:

– Observing the activity of the restaurant or facility: (The production and processing stages of the produced fishery products until they reach the end consumer will be schematized.)

– Interview with experienced staff and experts in the relevant field

 (Survey 1-2-3) within the framework of questions:

– Digital viewing and recording of processes.


PART 3: 

Aquaculture / Fish Consumption, Gastronomy and  Amateur Fishing Survey Applications

The 3 main surveys prepared in this work package will be carried out with the residents of the region selected for the project. For each survey in which young people take part as the target the group, “Aquaculture/fish consumption habits of the youth, assessment of the situation and knowledge of fisheries/fish gastronomy, and finally, young people’s approaches to the aquaculture/fisheries sector will be presented.