Project Objectives

The GastroFish project has been prepared to encourage activities that can be carried out with social entrepreneurship and non-profit organizations by providing entrepreneurship education among young people. With the GastroFish project, it supports the transnational youth initiatives that allow youth groups to realize young ideas, including defining the interests and knowledge of youth in the field of aquaculture consumption, production, sport fishing as a hobby and gastronomy by seeking solutions to problems in this field through social enterprises. 

With both digital and face-to-face learning activities for young people, the Gastrofish project try to:

  • draw their attention to fishery consumption,
  • increase their interest in the fishing and gastro-cuisine sector,
  • make them learn healthy seafood and fish cooking techniques,
  • increase their social participation in the fisheries sector at local, regional, national, European or global level,
  • increase the employment of young people who are interested in the sector with the right guidance,
  • connect with the European society and to strengthen this relationship, to encourage volunteering among young people,
  • to increase their socio-economic participation,
  • aims to highlight the core European values.